1. It’s not a corporate owned facility! Everyone is so amazing and is here for you and your pet. I know my pets are in loving, and caring hands. They practice medicine as if every client is their own pet. That brings comfort and trust whenever I have to have my babies treated.

  2. Lebanon Small Animal Clinic is a hidden gem. I have never seen a group of people care so much for my cat and our family.

  3. I have found my dogs' doctor for life!

  4. Our family is so grateful to have found Lebanon Small Animal Clinic. They ALWAYS go above and beyond for our dog. I know he is in good hands and will receive the best of the best! From the first visit I knew this place was different and I have never been disappointed.

  5. Lebanon Small Animal Clinic is like family. We always feel welcome and know the docs will be there to help us care for our dog.

  6. I simply have no words to describe how amazing Lebanon Small Animal Clinic is. My daughter was so upset to hear our hen was sick. The doctor sat her down and talked with her, and even let her listen to her lungs, she showed us her x-rays and explained everything in great detail. She taught us how to take care of "Henrettia." and helped to put our minds at ease.

  7. I have been a client/friend of Lebanon Small Animal Clinic for over 16 years. There has never been a time when they did not treat my fur babies with the utmost care and love. Monica, all the Vet Techs, and the Veterinarians are awesome. As a Registered Vet Tech myself, I recommend them highly. Love you all!

    Lori G.
  8. Super happy with the care all of our pets have received. Y’all treat them like you’d treat your own pets and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Lauren explained everything very clearly and made sure I got to talk to Dr. Miller about any concerns. She said she watched Lily's ECG like a hawk so she could notify the doctor about any issues and given Lily's cardiac history, I really really appreciate that. Thank you so much!!

    Jennifer B.
  9. I took my Flemish Giant rabbit in and had a wonderful experience. The office staff, the vet techs and the veterinarian (who has lots of rabbits) were all very caring and professional. They answered my many questions. My bunny who was relaxed in their care, she gives her vote of approval too. ❤️ I am very relieved to have a knowledgeable rabbit veterinarian so close to my home. Thank you!

  10. The staff was very nice and answered every question we had. The vet was amazing. Our dog just loved her and the nurse. She definitely eased my concerns about things going on. I could ask for a better vet. Thank you all for what you do.

    Nachole G.