It is our dental promo month here at the Lebanon Small Animal Clinic.  While it offers a great deal on your wallet for the procedure, it also offers a great deal for your pet’s health!  Dentals, depending on the circumstance, can greatly impact the overall wellness of your pet’s life.  There are many signs of dental disease you may notice including bad breath, not eating, face rubbing, and the color of their teeth.  However, dental disease can lead to many unseen problems including kidney, heart, and liver disease and secondary bacteria infections if untreated for prolonged periods of time.  Many times, the severity of dental disease goes unnoticed because it lies under the gum line. We take an X-ray of every tooth to make sure your pet is not suffering in silent agony.

Coming in for a dental exam is the first step.  From there we may recommend a cleaning and dental X-rays.  We then try to keep those teeth stay fresh and clean by daily brushing!  The doctors don’t even care if you brush your pet’s teeth with a little bit of peanut butter.  It’s the motion of the brushing that counts.  You can also consider dental food, Oravet Dental Treats, or toys that assist in keeping tartar off those pearly whites.